Rob De Guzman

rob de guzman

Do what makes you happy.

In life we don't always have the freedom to do exactly what we want but we can choose to do what makes us the most happy in our current situation. If that is not possible, it's best to move on to something new in my opinion. This is not to say you should easily give up when things are tough, but to always find a way to make the best out of any situation.

Creating value for others.

On a personal and business level I like to find ways to be helpful or offer valuable experiences to the people around me. Whether it's creating something through technology, providing entertainment through music, or just having good conversation, it gives me a good feeling being a benefit to others. When you give, you also receive in some way so it's a positive way to live.

Working in a foreign country.

Being an American working in Japan has expanded my mind. Speaking both English and Japanese everyday has helped me realize the value of communication and understanding people from different backgrounds and learning to work with them. There is so much to learn from interacting with people from a different culture or way of thinking.

For the long run.

It is my goal to help create long lasting things that are beneficial to people. With Premier Bank I feel like there are many opportunities to make meaningful contributions to people through different services or products. I plan to keep an open mind and always look for ways to improve what we are doing.