Ray Mehra

ray mehra

Be yourself and everything will fall into place.

Of course change is good and you have to adapt but I feel if you lose what makes you unique by following everyone else, then what's the point? I will bring what I feel is my uniqueness to Premier Bank as an employee. It also helps that I am the first non- Japanese employee so I do want to set a standard but not at the expense of who I am.

Being a Member of the International Division.

It is an honour to be a member of the International Division. I feel it's special because it is a new division and I want to be right there at the start to help mold it into a powerful part of this company. Also, it provides me the chance to work in the Philippines as well as Japan which can provide so many exciting opportunities.

What I Can Bring to the Table.

I can bring a fresh perspective to the company and also the use of English. Premier Bank is a Japanese company so of course the main language being used is Japanese. I will get to improve my Japanese but can also help the employees who want to learn English as well. I can provide lessons for employees and when we travel for business, I can help facilitate communication between the 2 different parties when required.

What the Future Holds?

Premier Bank will expand internationally. I hope to be a vital part in this and help guide our company in other countries and help in the form of leadership. I want Premier Bank and our new company in the Philippines "alpb realty corporation" to be brands that you can trust and known around the world.